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Don’t worry about your finances, choose the professionals who’ll take care of them.

Don’t worry about your finances, choose the professionals who’ll take care of them. 

You’re just starting your search to purchase a new house - this is an exciting time! Before you schedule your first home tour, getting prequalified for a mortgage is an important first step. You don’t have to think about it on your own - we’re here to help you. 

Having years of experience on the market, we’ve learned how important a trustworthy mortgage lender is during your real estate journey. Put your faith in a leading lender awarded for the exquisite customer service and appreciated for the competitive offers. Choose the business that pair knowledge, individual approach, and integrity, taking care of the most satisfactory results for you.


Meet Mara Montes

Mara has over 20 years of experience in mortgage lending, preceded by a career in consumer banking and finance starting right after college. They have seen nearly every scenario in mortgage lending, providing expert advice to families during their journey to homeownership. 

Primary Residential Mortgage offers a variety of products tailored to each family's needs, and Mara is dedicated to guiding clients through the lending process with exceptional service. Together with a team boasting over 50 years of combined experience, she helps make homeownership dreams come true.

Born and raised in St. Helena, CA, Mara remains a resident of this beautiful wine country and is licensed throughout California. In her spare time, they host on American Dream TV, showcasing local towns and communities.

Here’s a checklist to get you on your way to buying the home of your dreams before you decide on the professional with whom you want to work.

You’ll need two forms of government-issued ID, your social security number, divorce papers if applicable, as well as proof of ownership of other property.

You should be able to do this free of charge. Be sure to dispute any errors or provide an explanation for late payments or derogatory items. Then, keep your credit score healthy by avoiding any new credit inquiries, canceling any credit accounts, or lowering limits with any creditors. Doing any of these things could lower your credit score. 

You’ll need to provide tax returns for the previous year, and potentially for the last two years. If you own a business you'll need to provide business tax returns as well. 

Gather W2s, paycheck stubs, 1099s, or a year-to-date profit and loss statement if you’re self-employed. You’ll also need to show other income sources such as Social Security, child support (and proof children’s ages), or government assistance.

Provide bank statements, mutual fund statements, account balances for retirement accounts, 401Ks, IRAs, any investment and rental property income, and any money held in the stock market.

You’ll need to provide a summary of your debts, monthly payment amounts, child support payments and balances for credit cards, student loans, car loans, other property loans.

You may need to provide a written explanation if you’ve had bankruptcy or other financial issues in the past.

Have these funds ready in your bank account. If you received this money as a gift, you might need to provide a letter from the gifter explaining the gift is not a loan.

Compile proof for the past year with canceled checks or money orders to show rent was paid on time.

Applying for your first mortgage? Get in touch with us! We’d be happy to walk you through the process and help you find the mortgage lender you can trust. 

Work With Lauren

As a dedicated REALTOR® in the heart of Napa and Sonoma Valley, I find immense joy in connecting clients with their dream homes. My commitment runs deep, and those who've worked with me in these picturesque regions will vouch for the passion and professionalism I bring to every transaction. In fact, about 80% of my business thrives on the trust and referrals of past clients. Ensuring I'm always available and just a call away is my way of guaranteeing an exceptional customer experience. Whether you're envisioning the perfect home nestled in the scenic beauty of Napa or Sonoma Valleys, dreaming of the idyllic charm of wine country living, or simply longing for the allure of its captivating landscapes, let's embark on this journey together! As your local lifestyle expert, allow me to introduce you to the vibrant collection of experiences awaiting you in our communities.

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